The FAMILY run boutique and cafe

Hi! We are The Prytkovs Family: Olha and Anatolii and our kids - Yeva and Daniil.

We are the owners, cake artists, office managers and dishwashers (Yup, we do it All) of the HAPPINESS Originally We are from Ukraine, in 2016 moved to Canada, first to Winnipeg and then in April 2018 to London❤.

Olha: “Before moving to Canada, I started baking just for fun, for my kids and family. It started as a hobby, but before long I was baking different cakes every day, however it was too much for my family, so soon I started sharing with my friends and then taking orders from them”. One of those friends unintentionally helped us come up with name for our future cafe we would years later open up in London 🇨🇦.

Anatolii :” The name HAPPINESS dates back to the times when I was back in Ukraine delivering boxes of desserts which Olha made for our friends. She told me it was like a Box of HAPPINESS and the name stuck”. Now as we ended up creating HAPPINESS in London it is available for everyone here.... in a mouth-watering piece of cake or a fragrant coffee cup.

Our HAPPINESS is the place for everyone: catching up with friends, family brunches, coffee breaks or business meetings.

family photo