Apple Pieces freeze dried


The first thing to say about these products is that they are not supplied in a frozen condition but at an ambient temperature.

The fruits are frozen in the process of extracting moisture from them, they are then brought back to room temperature.

Freeze dried fruits maintain the original shape, texture, colour and most importantly the flavour of the fresh fruit. Freeze drying removes water not flavour and preserves vitamin and nutritional content.

Another advantage of freeze dried fruits is that they are available all year round and have an extensive shelf life at room temperature. Air dried fruits will not maintain flavour to the same degree as freeze dried.

The fruits can be used as decorations or inclusions. Here are just a few ideas:

  • enrobe with chocolate to create wonderful sweet petit fours,
  • run through ice cream, parfaits and sorbets,
  • include within all aspects of baking such as cookies, bread and cakes.
  • grind into powder form and dust, or
  • just add water and in minutes the fruits will re-hydrate to their original form.

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