Bahibe 46% (Valrhona)


Valrhona Milk Chocolate Pistoles with 46% cacao offer a milk chocolate coverture with a bold cacao flavor profile. The Bahibe is equal parts sweet and smooth, and bold and dark. Bahibe- 46% is a chocolate for the chef who can’t decide which is better: milk or dark. Now you can have both, with this chocolate that hovers in the middle and unlocks distinctive new flavors.

Valrhona pistoles are wonderful for ganache, molding, mousse, sauce, ice cream, and chocolate drinks. Make rich and creamy hot chocolate, smooth bonbons, and creamy glazes. Mixes well with a variety of flavors such as pineapple, pear, tangerine, coffee, caramel, spice, toasted sesame and others.

As a part of the Grand Cru de Terroir collection, each chocolate is made from a single source of cacao beans, carefully selected based on the beans’ flavor profiles, and the unique terroir of the region. The cacao beans in the Bahibe chocolates are grown in the Dominican Republic.



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