Guanaja 70% (Valrhona)


An extraordinary baking chocolate preferred by baking professionals around the world, Valrhona’s Guanaja is a blend of two great cacao beans, Trinitario and Criollo comes in at 70% cacao. Criollo is a rare, hard-to-grow cacao bean that’s incredibly scarce with an incredibly full bodied, long-lasting flavor, while Trinitario is a fine-flavored bean with a delicious cacao taste. The result is a perfectly bitter with a complex chocolate blending fruit, notes of coffee, hints of molasses and floral tones. Guanaja is warm and intense, well-balanced and lingering.

Use Guanaja 70% for all sorts of desserts and pastries, like ganache, couverture, icing and frosting. It pairs well with caramel, red fruits nuts, and spicy ginger. Use it to make spectacular chocolate truffles, and gorgeous cakes.


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