Ruby Chocolate (Callebaut)


Callebaut produces the finest Belgian chocolate that is made from only the very best ingredients. Crafted from bean to chocolate, it is relied on everyday by chefs and chocolatiers to create great tasting delights. The newly-discovered fourth chocolate alongside white, dark and milk, Ruby chocolate is made distinct by its eye-catching pink colour and fruity berry flavour coupled with fresh, sour notes. Though it may seem like it, no colour, berries or berry flavours have been added- Ruby chocolate is made from the Ruby Cocoa Bean, in which the colour and flavour are naturally present. Ruby chocolate is a great choice when it comes to adding a unique twist to confectionery, pastries and dessert. It has a standard fluidity that guarantees great results and means it is ideal for use in a wide range of different applications.


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100gr (repack), 1kg (repack), Factory package