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Freeze Dried Sliced Blueberries

Freeze Dried Sliced Blueberries

  • Freeze-dried: High in antioxidants just like fresh Blueberries. Enjoy ice-cold dried Blueberries in natural quality. Try these delicious sweet Strawberries now!
  • No added sugar, chemicals or preservatives. Vegan; Gluten-free; Non-GMO;
  • SUPER HEALTHY and very tasty - Fruit remains optimally preserved during drying in ice (-50 C) under high vacuum, as well as the valuable minerals, trace elements and vitamins of raspberries.
  • GREAT for BAKING. These freeze dried Blueberry pieces are great for baking, for creams, chocolate bars or even as decorations for your cakes, macarons, etc.

NOTE: The product is not in its original packaging; it has been repackaged.

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