Supply Store

 Before HAPPINESS, it was long process from “baking for family and friends”, than “small home bakery” and after, we created our small cake and coffee shop “Happiness “. And during all this steps we were looking for best food supplies. We wanted (and still do) to cook with high quality products that we possibly could find. But as small and really new business we could not afford buy big bulks and packs of ingredients and packaging. For home cooking- you don’t need so much of the same product , and for small businesses- it’s hard to find money to buy everything you need in big packs.

So we decided to open our own online store. Our focus is simple – to provide you: bakers, chefs and home-cookers, with the best food products that you can buy not only in big packs! The highest quality products in small packs and amount!

All prices in Canadian dollars.

You can pick up your order at “HAPPINESS“ (430 Wellington Street, London, ON) or we ship across Canada (flat rate shipping).

Please note that we don’t have a retail at “HAPPINESS“. Pick up is available from cafe but you need to preorder through website.